Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To the Globe Theatre

I knew one thing for sure, I  couldn't possibly leave the UK without having seen at least one Shakespearean play , and that too in Shakespeare's own Globe Theater. It's the least I could do being a graduate in English Literature, lest my Professors feel ashamed of me !
Shakespeare's Birthplace

On an earlier occasion, we did drive down to the bard's birthplace, Stratford Upon Avon along with our daughter who enjoyed most playing with the animals in the barn in Shakespeare's mother, Mary Ardens family home. 
At Mary Arden's Farm
As we walked through, history unfolded in every nook and corner of the cottage where Shakespeare lived with his lovely wife Anne Hathway once upon a time during the medival era and wrote many an acclaimed play which was either staged there in Stratford or in the distant Globe at London where probably existed more connoisseurs of the stage.
Anne Hathway's Cottage

The small little town breathed so much of Shakespeare,  triggering a rare joyfulness  when reels of long forgotten poetry seemed to unleash in me from a bygone era.......spelling the end to a long drawn famine in my heart, once I had abandoned the classrooms and corridors of my college days. 
Shakespeare's Theater at Stratford Upon Avon

Before I wander too much and get lost in my own world and musings, let me come back to my original purpose of presenting the translation. This translation is a continuation of M's travelogue and visit to Greenwich which was followed by a visit to Shakespeare's Globe by the Thames later in the evening when I too joined M after work to watch 'As you like it' along with a dear colleague.

As I write now, vivid images, expressions and music of the closing pageant grips me, all the actors on stage together in a marvelous song and dance spectacle.............  If and only if I had another chance !
Inside the Globe Theater

To read the translation, you may click here,


  1. Lucky gal, I am jealous of you. Lovely pics

  2. Ramachandran WarrierSeptember 23, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    What shall I comment on your Travelogue!!! My limited vocabulary is incapable of describing its beauty. To tell the truth, I feel really jealous of its beautiful expression and comprehensive narration. Your experience may not match the enjoyment I derived from reading it. Hats off to you!!!

  3. Wonder why Manoj waited all this while to get his Englsih blog active when he has an excellent in-house translator. :)


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