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On this page, you can find the links to some posts that I have translated for my best half .

While the thoughts, expressions and creative energies may not match those of the original writer, nevertheless this too is a labour of love...

1.To the Globe Theater

This translation is a continuation of M's travelogue and visit to Greenwich which was followed by a visit to Shakespeare's Globe by the Thames later in the evening when I too joined M after work to watch 'As you like it' along with a dear colleague.

To read the translation, you may click here,

2.In search of an imaginary line

Though I had visited the Greenwich Meridian at least a year prior to M, somehow it did not occur to me to write a travelogue.
It was a year later that M got a chance to visit Greenwich on his final visit to me in the UK. True to his passion, he came back and wrote a travelogue. Here is a translation of his original travelogue which first appeared in Malayalam on his site which I have now translated for him in my effort to make up for not having written one myself.

3.The Ramassery Idli
This is one of the earlier travelogues written in Malayalam by the writer on his travel blog . You may click here  to read or visit

4.If Mullaperiyar collapses
This translation was done sometime in 2009 when the campaign Rebuild Mullaperiyar, Save Kerala campaign was launched on blogosphere. It initially appeared on a Malayalam online site started by a group of literary and socially conscious bloggers.
Click here to read the translation

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